How to not suck at project management

Most people are way too comfortable letting a project run for 12 weeks before ever getting it into a shippable state. In this episode, Adam and Ben share the strategies they use to make sure the projects they work on are shippable within the first few days, and stay shippable until the decision is made to finally cut the release.

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  • (00:00) - If it's not done, it's not done
  • (03:54) - Example: Building an example app for Catalyst UI
  • (07:01) - Tracer bullets
  • (11:11) - Tactic: Thinking from the perspective of "what could I demo"
  • (11:43) - Example: How Tuple spins up standalone demos
  • (13:00) - Feature flagging and continuous integration
  • (14:19) - Example: Migrating the Tailwind UI website to React and Inertia
  • (18:30) - Tactic: Derisking projects with "save points"
  • (19:07) - The infamous "how to build an MVP" skateboard to car analogy
  • (20:07) - Example: Shipping the Tailwind Connect event website
  • (29:17) - Tactic: Don't be afraid of waste
  • (31:41) - Tactic: Compare your work to what's in production, not your wildest dream
  • (33:42) - Tactic: Do a great version of the simple solution
  • (36:48) - Tactic: Make work in progress visible to avoid taking on too much
  • (39:23) - Example: Designing the "Is it Tailwind" tool

How to not suck at project management
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